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Lovers & Friends (Solo 42521)

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“Lovers and Friends”
Music and Lyric by Chet Nichols (ASCAP)
Copyright 1973/2016 by Chet Nichols (ASCAP) & Chet Nichols Creative Services (Magic Garage Music Division): Publisher (ASCAP)

Verse1: They were friends and they were lovers
Mixing moonlight till they discovered
So unexpected and out of the blue
One heart and one body blended from two

Chorus: Lovers and friends, their story begins
Letters start with love that they send
A vintage love is tasted and swallowed
Living for love every day and tomorrow

BRIDGE: Then their love unwinds ‘cause they need space and time
And steal away the very things that keep their love alive
Lovers and friends, up in the air, uncertain and unaware
Nearing the end, they jump from the deep end
Wondering will they ever be friends again

Chorus: Lovers and friends don’t want to end
Staring at letters they’re afraid to send
A vintage love was tasted and swallowed
Two hearts and their bodies both have been borrowed

Verse2: Lovers and friends reaching the end
Their lonely journeys begin again
Haunted by dreams of what might have been
‘Cause they had a love that never should end

Chorus: Lovers and friends walk in the park
They stroll in the sun, but they live in the dark
Till they learn that forgiveness can turn love around
And all that was lost is suddenly found … again
And they become lovers and friends
And they become lovers and friends, again
And they become lovers and friends, again
Again, and again and again and again

Copyright © 2016 ® by Chet Nichols (ASCAP) & Chet Nichols Creative Services (Magic Garage Music Division): Publisher (ASCAP)

All US and Global Rights are reserved. This song or any portion thereof (lyrics, music, samples, vocals) may not be reproduced in any form or media, distributed, transmitted, downloaded, shared or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the writer and the publisher.

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