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If you would like to submit a prayer into THE PRAYER BUCKET, please submit your Prayer Request by CLICKING on the email address below and be specific about what your prayer needs are: 


1. If you submit a prayer request, we ask that you kindly agree to pray for ALL the prayers in THE PRAYER BUCKET.

2. Do not PRAY AGAINST ANYONE, or your prayer request will be deleted.

3. Finally, please, do NOT put SPAM in THE PRAYER BUCKET

We are also happy to remind you, that OurPrayerBucket.com has been online since 2006

Note: Currently (January 2023), the MAIN site hosting OurPrayerBucket.com is being re-built because of the incredible demands it is undergoing. This is the “sister site”, that hosts the “healing music”. But, it still offers the main service of giving people a place to go to submit a prayer request.

In their year-end, wrap-up, a MAJOR GLOBAL MEDIA COMPANY made an acknowledgement that: 

“The OurPrayerBucket.com website has been selected by our company as one of the Top Ten Websites on the Internet in 2008." 

Quite simply, prayers can work miracles

The key is - to pray “from your heart”

God Bless You.

OurPrayerBucket Music Listening Site

Welcome. Below is a collection of instrumental music for you to sit back and enjoy. You can play the songs thru your computer or phone as background music while you pray, work or study. Or put on some good earphones and sit back and hear the ambient production (recommended). CLICK on the top track and the music will begin and play all he way thru the collection automatically. The tracks are spiritually inspired and most of them were originally created for people who were going thru health treatments to listen to when getting chemo and dialysis and requested longer songs to help put them in a relaxed, quiet and prayerful state. Enjoy and God Bless You.