New Single about the state of transportation on our global

The Transportation Blues

Chet Nichols

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The Transportation Blues

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A sarcastic singer-songwriter musing about our past, current and future transportation mess! Sounds a LOT like Joe Walsh singing.

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"The Transportation Blues"


Lyrics and Music by Chet Nichols 

Copyright 1969/2023 by Chester Nichols, Jr (ASCAP) & Magic Garage Music (ASCAP)

"The Train Plane Car Blues"  ::




I tried to ride a train today

And buy a ticket at the gate

They put me through a "pirate check"

It was a highly paranoid state

They put me through a microscope

Checked me for guns and drugs

They did a thorough check on me

To see if I was smuggling snakes or bugs



The trains have stopped running

And the bums have stopped bumming

The clicking wheels gave way to better deals

The clicking wheels roll on by



Then I tried to fly a plane today

Checked my suitcase at the door

They put me through a 3-D screen

I was naked from my head down to the floor

Ran their hands up & down my legs

Frisked me for bombs & knives

They did a thorough cavity check

As if I had something dangerous to hide




I tried to buy a car today

Picked one off the showroom floor

Told the man I was paying with cash

So, gas it up and I’ll drive it right out the door

Salesman said, “Oh, no, you I can’t do that.

You’re going to need a government loan.

With all the fancy federal regulations

He said, “A car is something you can never own.”




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