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Love Turned Into A Fever

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"Love Turned Into A Fever"
Lyrics and Music by Chet Nichols
Copyright 1969/1996/2022 by Chester Nichols, Jr (ASCAP) /Magic Garage Music (ASCAP) ::

DEDICATED & inspired by Paul Butterfield

Verse 1
When I first saw her, she bent my back
Lifted my engine right off of its track
The way she looked at me up and down
I knew she was aiming to polish my crown

Love first appeared as a smoky feeling
Embers sparking beneath smoldering coals
Then all at once, there was a major explosion
That sent our senses spinning out of control

Love turned into a fever burning out of control
Love turned into a fever, oh yeah, blazing through our bones
Oh, it turned into a fever, oh yeah, blazing and burning
Fever, oh yeah, burning out of control

Verse 2
We both know love makes perfect sense
When it's steamy and in the present tense
"Let's get down", she said, "Let's get intense.
Let's stoke the flames and take a real chance?

Repeat Lift & Chorus

She swirling her fingers up and down my skin
And found my trigger with a mischievous grin
She lit my rockets over and over and over again

Repeat Chorus.

Oh, man what a smoky, smoky feeling
Lord, that girl knew how to take my temperature
Blazing, blazing out of control
Exploding , spinning and smoldering
It really turned into a fever
Yeah and I know I still have that fever
Oh, I feel so-o-o hot
Would you do me a favor and touch my forehead
I think I'm burning up here........