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  1. If You See Kaye

From the recording The Band In The Basement

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Amazing....I wrote this back in 1965....
Won the "Best Song Contest" at Broadjam in 2016!


“If You See Kaye”

Music and Lyric by Chet Nichols (ASCAP)
Copyright 1965 - 2016 by Chet Nichols (ASCAP) & Chet Nichols Creative Services (Magic Garage Music Division): Publisher (ASCAP)
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Now, I won two tickets to fly around the world
And, I’m driving around town looking for my girl
‘Cause the plane takes off a little later tonight
And I want my little baby, sitting by my side
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

If you see Kaye, tell her that I’m leaving
If you see Kaye, tell her that I need to see her, don’t want to leave her
If you see Kaye, tell her that I love her
And we’ve got a plane to catch
That’s leaving tonight, yeah
Yeah, it’s leaving tonight

Now, I searched the movies and every store in town
Thinking she’d be reading magazines or maybe shopping around
I went to her girlfriends’ house to see if she was there
Dancing to some 45’s with her hands in the air
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


Now, Kaye has a tendency to be a little spacey
A little too wild and a little too crazy, ah uh (That’s what I like, I like it lot)
She’s a little on the flipside, a lot on the upside
She can make me smile and have me fit-to-be-tied

So, I headed to the airport so I could make my flight
Then I saw her on her roller skates, she was a beautiful sight
She was doing figure 8’s, all the way to the gate
And tugging on her pigtails, she said, “You thought I’d be late?”
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Copyright © 1965-2016 ® by Chet Nichols (ASCAP) & Chet Nichols Creative Services (Magic Garage Music Division): Publisher (ASCAP)

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