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"Modern Progress"
Lyrics and Music by Chet Nichols
Copyright 2000 by Chet Nichols (ASCAP)/Magic Garage Music (ASCAP) *

Off in the distance and thru the mist
The towers beam the messages no one can resist
And along the lazy river where we used to play
Sits a gambling boat
They?ve built more storage lockers and more motels
?Cause no one is at home any more to ring the dinner bell
And the topsoil of dreams is being carried away
Flowing downstream
Ooo, that?s modern progress
But, down below the haze
The population?s in a daze
Ooo,,Ooo, that?s modern progress
Oh, but, Lord, when will we ever learn
Out on the hills the rigs nod up and down
To squeeze the oil that?s buried below the Texas towns
They fuel the mini power plants that drive us to the grave
Thru the smoky air
And the semis on the interstate slide in and out of lanes
Moving dreams to marketplace lit up like circus trains
Because someone?s found a way to stuff 10 pounds of scrap
Into a two pound bag

Out on the desert red lights climb the grade
They?re all fighting for the parking spot that has a little shade
Everyone?s in a hurry to be leading the parade
To the shopping malls, to get the latest upgrade

To take it slow, give a little slack
Give one another what we want given back
When will we ever learn
When will we ever
Oh, will we ever learn


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