1. Good Times

From the recording Nazareth

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“Good Times”
Lyrics and music by Chet Nichols (ASCAP)
Copyright 2011 by Chet Nichols/Magic Garage Music (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved : MagicGarageMusic@gmail.com : www.chetnichols.net

1. You may think there’s a big black cloud
Whose only job is to follow you around
Makes it rain and makes it storm
Makes you shiver when you wanna be warm
You never know what’s around the bend
‘Cause good times start when the bad times end

Good times
Bad times
Dance around
Inside out
And upside down
Good times spin
The bad times ‘around
So grab their hands
And dance around
Yeah, spin them around

2. When trouble knocks welcome it in
And know better days are waiting to begin
Don’t get fooled into writing sad songs
Before you know it trouble’s moving along
You’ll hear a funny thumping on your door
It’s good times knocking, coming back for more


3. Rainbows always follow the storms
And a little bit of love will always keep you warm
Make the choice to have a good day
And know that fun is always steaming your way
Wear a smile and you’ll pass the test
Trouble always shows you at your very best