Welcome To Chet Nichols' Music & Media Web Site


Welcome to Chet Nichols' Music & Creative Media Site.

NOTE: This site is under active-construction, so we apologize for areas that are currently incomplete.....

Chet Nichols is a long-time, award-winning, American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, instrumental composer, producer, arranger and recording artist. Chet is also an award-winning creative director, media producer, designer, author and more.

When Chet began this new website, he wanted to create a unique web experience for his visitors. First, he wanted current music, news, reviews and insights available to the people visiting the site. At the same time, he wanted the site to be like a historical scrapbook with old pictures, stories and information. So, as the site progresses, more and more historical data, music, pictures and stories will be added to make this site more and more like a scrapbook. So, as the site grows, it will become more insightful and fun to explore.

So, to those who are discovering Chet for the first time, we are happy to be able to introduce people to him. On top of those skills listed above, Chet is a long-time ASCAP publisher and CCO-Founder of Magic Garage Productions, Magic Garage Music (ASCAP) and Magic Garage Records.

Chet has a unique story.....then, again, he is like a lot of other singer-songwriters and composers world-wide (past-present-and-future), who are inspired by the world around them and create music, songs, stories, films, photographs of what they see and share them with others. So, this site is not so much just about Chet, as it is about people around the world who are also artists "like" Chet.

Chet was inducted into The Kansas Music Hall Of Fame in 2008, joining Pat Matheny, Martina McBride, Kansas, Melissa Etheridge and other fine musical artists. He has produced almost 30 original music albums of singer-songwriter music in the jazz, folk, country, rock, blues, world, pop, fusion and acoustic music genres. As an instrumental composer, he has produce several award-winning albums in the New Age, World, Jazz, Meditative, Neo-Classical and Easy-Listening genres.

Chet is also a long-time award-winning film, video, special-effects and animation designer, creative director and executive producer. He has numerous nominations and has been awarded numerous Clios, Addys, Gold Medals at the New York International Film Festival, Houston Film Festival, USA Commercial Film Festival and other award events.

Chet is also a vested and long-time Board Member on the SAG/AFTRA Global Nomination Committee for the SAG/AFTRA Awards for excellence in film, video, television, documentaries, and independent film creation, acting performances, production and creative conceptualization.

That said, we invite you to find a comfortable chair and sit back and enjoy Chet's great passion ...  writing, producing and performing great lyrics and music.
Select some high-quality head-phones and get ready to enjoy an interesting musical and sonic journey. Thanks for stopping by.

So, we hope you enjoy your visit and that you come back often to listen to more new music and, please, share this site with family and friends. And don't forget to download a song or 2 to add to your music library.






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Performance & Session Biography

Chet has an international following and has toured extensively and
performed at coffee houses, listening clubs, large concert venues,
major concert tours and college concert tours across the USA and Canada,
as a featured performing artist and as an "opening act" for artists and bands

B.B. King
Jethro Tull
John Denver
The Jefferson Airplane
Linda Ronstadt
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Jimmy Messina
Timothy B. Schmidt
Rusty Young
Papa John Creach
George Carlin
Steve Martin
Hot Tuna
Dan Hicks & The Hotlicks
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
It's A Beautiful Day
Pacific Gas & Electric
Jimmie Spheeris
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen
Mary Travers
The Charlie Daniels Band
Country Joe McDonald
The Grassroots
Mason Proffit
The Persuasions
Blue Oyster Cult
The Grateful Dead
Big Brother & The Holding Company
Leonard Nimoy
James Taylor
Bollo Sette
Southern Comfort
John Lee Hooker
The Chad Mitchell Trio
Roger McGuinn
Ian & Sylvia
Humble Pie
Modern Folk Quartet
Richard Pryor
KC Grits
Ewing Street Times
Danny Cox
Biff Rose
The Guess Who
Steve Goodman
The Mary Clayton Band
Billy Spears
Brewer & Shipley
Ted Anderson
The Kansas City Philharmonic ... and many more.

Chet has worked in recording studios and recorded with .....

Bill Bradley (Madonna)
Stephen Barncard (David Crosby)
Nicky Hopkins (The Rolling Stones)
Nick Gravenities (Big Brother)
Laura Allan (Laura Allan)
Dave Garabaldi (Tower of Power)
Zakir Hussain (Ravi Shankar)
John Kahn (Jerry Garcia)
Spencer Dryden (The Jefferson Airplane)
Pete Sears (The Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna)
Henry Lewie (Joni Mitchell)
Fuzzy John Oxendine (Sons of Champlain)
Buddy Cage (New Riders Of The Purple Sage)
The New Riders Of The Purple Sage
Jack Schroer (Van Morrison)
Brewer & Shipley ("Live" album)
Don Preston (Wings)
Richard Marx (Dick Marx & Associates)
Sal Marquez (The "New" Tonight Show Band)
RJ Fox (Sherry Fox)
Steve Sperry (The Steve Miller Band) ..... and many others.

Please feel free to hang-out and listen to any of Chet's album and to contact Chet.
Or you can add your info to his mailing list or send any comments or questions his way.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a current and evolving site, as well as being a fun and
informative "historical" site about an influential, independent, American composer,
musician and singer-songwriter, Chet Nichols.

So, we are always looking for and seeking any and all old posters or photos
from Chet's shows.

If you have any, please let us know. We would be happy to provide you with
a nice collection of Chet's music of your choice in exchange for any reviews,
photos or posters you can provide.

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Chet performing at a freshman sock-hop at New Trier HS in 1962.....and so, it begins!

Chet performing at a freshman sock-hop at New Trier HS in 1962.....and so, it begins!

Chet practicing his cello licks at 12 years old.

Chet practicing his cello licks at 12 years old.

Chet and his first guitar bought at an Open Air market in Tijuana, Mexico at age 13.

Chet and his first guitar bought at an Open Air market in Tijuana, Mexico at age 13.