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You are listening to Chet's Award-Winning instrumental composition, 
"Serengeti Rain", from his CD, "Red Mesa Sunset".


Chet's song, "If You See Kaye", from the CD,
"Band In The Basement" just won the "Best
Song Contest at

Also, his song, "I Know Who You Are", from the CD, "Sunday Morning" was a finalist in the "Best Song Contest" at the IMTSA North American Song Writing Competition in the Chicago & Toronto events.


We are extremely excited to announce the release of Chet's newest album, "Beetles Are Coming"!

This album is a the collection of songs in the long-awaited 2015 release of Chet Nichols' CD, "Beetles Are Coming", which includes ALL-NEW HD/HiFi-quality restoration, re-mixing and re-mastered tracks from Chet's ground-breaking first album, "Time Loop". 

This CD (as was the initial recording, "Time Loop") was produced & recorded at the infamous Wally Heider's Studio in San Francisco. 

Chet was part of the San Francisco music scene, as well as being one of the corner-stone, singer-songwriters of the Kansas City music scene in the 60's and 70's. Chet was later inducted into The Kansas Music Hall Of Fame

The sonic quality of these tracks is superb and it takes an album recorded in 1971 and upgrades it to the highest, current HD Hi-Fi sonic standards available today. It also includes a bonus track, "Red Tide", which had been buried in the vast library of Chet's early work.

2+ years in the making, restoration, re-mixing, re-tracking, re-conversion and re-mastering, we hope you enjoy this highly-acclaimed and revered album. It features Chet's smooth and soaring vocals, virtuoso guitar work and unparalleled songwriting and lyrical story-telling.

We also ask that you support this fine, independent artist and purchase the music tracks available here to add to your personal music library. Signed copies of this CD are available upon request.


Chet's new album, "Beetles Are Coming", is currently receiving heavy
rotational airplay on the critically acclaimed Laurel Canyon Radio!

Chet currently has almost 50 songs in various Internet Top Ten Music Charts. Numerous songs are in the #1 slot.

Chet's jazz classic, "I Know Who You Are", just moved into #2 on the "Broadjam: Earth music chart. Moreover, it is #1 and #2 in several other music charts Online.

Chet's new song, 
"I Was Dreaming", title track to his new CD, "I Was Dreaming", just moved into #1 on the "Broadjam: Earth" charts. The song is also #1 in North America, #1 in the US, #1 in Illinois, #1 Production, #1 Male Ballad, #1 New Age and #1 on the New Age Contemporary. 

Also, his song, "I Wish I Could Heal", recently reached #1 in over 8 categories on the Broadjam Top Ten charts. This song comes from the award-winning album, "Walking In Circles".

Chet's instrumental version of his song, "Tangled Up In You", won the June 2013 Best Instrumental Song Contest at

Also, Chet's song,
"Waving Prairie", from his CD, "Waving Prairie", won the April 2012 Best Song Contest at

"Jezebel", from his CD, "Sunday Morning", won the February 2012 Best Song Contest at

To hear these songs ... CLICK HERE.

:::::::::: Chet's Creative Backdground ::::::::::::

Chet Nichols is an innovative creative artist with a unique
and very diverse 
creative background in creative content
creation, creative media and campaign 
production and
creative media integration and management. 

He works in numerous creative media and is a hands-on media artist.

He is at home designing websites and creating interactive
and mobile campaigns, producing and directing a film or
video, creating a complete multi-media campaign,
shooting photographs, creating and producing sound
design or lush background music tracks, designing and producing integrated multi-new-media campaigns.

Chet is an award-winning creative director, designer, 
interactive (web), broadcast, music, video, live-action, 
special-effects and 3D animation producer.
 He is very 
knowledgeable of the creative processes used in 
numerous creative media.

He is an award-winning songwriter, composer for
TV/Film/Commercials, recording artist, multi-instrumentalist,
singer, ASCAP songwriter and publisher, music producer,
lyricist, entertainer and engineer.

Chet is also a published novelist, poet, photographer, 
filmmaker, scriptwriter, feature-film and episodic television
SAG/AFTRA actor, copywriter and Route 66 historian. Chet
is also an inductee in The Kansas Music Hall Of Fame.

To review some of Chet's music and his musical biography,
please use the index on the left and click on the CD/music
links. Chet also has a new music site at:

Or stop by:

Stop by and listen to some music. Chet's music is also available at iTUNES,, CD Baby, SoundCloud and many other Internet sites.

Chet's companies, Magic Garage Productions and Zero Axis
Creative Labs, specialize in integrated interactive creative
concept and content creation, development and production
original music and sound design, traditional content creation
and creative project management.

Send Chet an  email.

Recent News:

Chet's novel, "The Last Riders On Route 66", has just been released as a
Kindle Download for $3.99.

To buy a copy ... CLICK HERE

Chet's novel, "The Last Riders On Route 66", has just been released as a
Kindle Download for $2.99. So, for less than a gallon of gas, you can buy the book and take a "ride" down the old Route 66 ....from Chicago to Oklahoma to LA to Huntington Beach ....and back to Oklahoma.
To buy a copy .....

Chet was recently inducted into The Kansas Music Hall Of  Fame...    
Click here for more information.
Chet's song, "Waving Prairie", from his CD, "Waving Prairie", was just announced as the winning song of the "April 2012 Song Of The Month" contest at
Click here to listen to music.
Chet's song, "Jezebel", from his CD, "Sunday Morning", just won the
"February 2012 Song Of The Month Contest" at
Click here to listen to music.
Chet's song, "Electra", won "The Best 'Name'-Song Contest"
at (August 2011)

Click here to listen to music.
Chet was named the "Artist of The Week" in Denmark with 4 songs off of his new CD, "Walking In Circles", in the Top 20, including a #1 hit.
Click here to listen to music.
Chet's song, "The Love I Want To Show", won
"The Best Philosophical Song Contest" at
Click here to listen to music.
Chet's composition, "Kilimanjaro Moon Dance", won
"The Best Exercise Music Contest" at
Click here to listen to music.
Chet's song, "(Spinning On The) Time Loop", just won
"The Best Rock Song Contest" at
Click here to listen to music.
Also, the title track to Chet's new singer-songwriter CD,
"Walking In Circles", just won "The Best Lyric Writing Contest"
Click here to listen to music.
Also, the title track to Chet's recent re-release of his long-awaited CD, "Waving Prairie", recently won "The Best Folk Song Contest"
Click here to listen to music.

Also, Chet was recently added to the prestigious "A-List" at The Chicago Actor's website for his work as a Creative Artist and Producer. 

Chet's composition, "Kilimanjaro Moondance" was a recent finalist in the Independent International Music Composition Competition.

Chet's compositions, "Serengeti Rain" and "Beijing Dawn", were both awarded  "Special Mention Awards" from The Music Aid International Song Competition.
Chet's song, "The Last Riders On Route 66", won The Grand Prize in "The International Route 66 Theme Song Contest".  The following year, Chet's song, "The Mother Road", also won The Grand Prize
in "The International Route 66 Theme Song Contest".

Link to Chet's Music Site - Click here _________

Also, we are happy to announce that Chet's newest CDs,  I Was Dreaming, Band In The Basement, S
unday Morning, Walking In Circles , Prairie Harvest  and  Peak To Peak  have been released. You can hear some of the new songs on the player below. The player also contains songs from many of Chet's CD. So take some time and enjoy the music and be sure to wear some good earphones.

Include are: "Walking In Circles", "I Wish That I Could Heal",
"Paradise", "Smother You" and "Six Feet Under" and more.

Click Here To Go To The Music Site. 
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